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Life changes such as marriage, a growing family, college-bound teens or retirement will often lead to the necessity to make a change in your space. Let our team help make the transition enjoyable and get you into a home that is right for you and your family.


Professional experience is key when considering real estate as an investment. We are committed to help you strategically integrate the purchase of a property so you can achieve your financial goals. Work with our knowledgeable and proactive team to maximize results and minimize risks.


Moving can be a challenging endeavor, especially when also balancing the start of a new job, entering a new school and discovering a new area. Rely on the expertise and passion of our team to guide you through the process of finding just the right space—it can make a world of difference.


Meet Our Team


Suzanne ClarkPrincipal Broker

Suzanne Clark
Principal Broker

Jen Watson Associate Broker

Jen Watson
Associate Broker

Laurel Cronin Associate Broker

Laurel Marquand
Associate Broker

Yonette Fine

Yonette Fine
Associate Broker

Jana Miller

Jana Miller
Associate Broker

Emily Buccola

Emily Buccola
Associate Broker

Stormy Corn
Real Estate Administrator

David Kim

David Kim
Data Analyst


Professional Synergy

Specialization is key in business and, when utilized within a strong support system, allows each individual agent to have the freedom, flexibility and focus to make every client’s experience first-class.


World-Class Distinguished Experience

“Suzanne and her entire team were extremely helpful in helping us sell our home…they were prepared for everything, extremely professional and most importantly, patient with us…I highly recommend this team if you want guaranteed results.


…The entire team was patient with my questions and super smart in timing and pricing [and] gave me excellent advice in the negotiating phase and was collaborative in ways I had not experienced before.


We’re Ready, Are You?

Ranked in the top 5% in the nation and as one of America’s Best in Real Estate by Real Trends Publications, Clark Collective is a diverse, hands-on team that understands the immense value of bringing individual skill sets together. From our agents to our professional staff, we are here to watch out for you every step of the way. Keep us in mind and let us take care of your space.


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